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who are we is a web and software developing studio designing solutions for You and Your Business. For this purpose we gather a team of professionals each one specialized in a different area of web and software developing.
out story
We started at the end of 2007. Back then our main service was outsourcing projects. In the middle of 2008 we decide that it was about time to provide some new services for our current and new customers. The effort we gave in finishing each project gave us knowledge which we put in every new project we currently working on.

Time! - is the only thing that is never enough.

Thus we follow a very simple yet highly effective blueprint:

  • an IDEA is born
  • a meeting to discuss and draw the details of the project
  • start working on the project
  • launching the project

In the meantime, while we're working on the project, you can call us everyday to see how far we are in finishing the project ;)

web & mobile

The good design attracts a visitor, but the good content attracts a client!

How do we understand "good design"?

  • a unique and simplified design
  • functionality - easy and intuitive navigation, decreasing the amount of time needed to find "the thing"
  • compatibility - one look and feel experience when viewed on different devices
design 2 web

a.k.a. outsourcing

in details:

a service focused on web developing studios and freelance designers. What you're getting is full working website / web or mobile app based on the design provided.

how to get this service?

send us a few renderings of the project. If you have technical requirement file send it also. In about a business day we will get back in touch with you, with a quote.

corporate id

Every business or startup need an idea to start.

our part is to support the idea and thus we are presenting you the content of the corporate identity package:

  • logo design
  • Font and color scheme choice
  • Company form design
  • Company letter design
  • Company files
  • business cards
  • Leaflets
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